Brisk Air Conditioning’s Annual Maintenance Program

Brisk Air Conditioning is proud to offer comprehensive maintenance plans to keep your HVAC systems in top shape, running at peak efficiency. We designed our maintenance plans to ensure that our valued customers’ heating and cooling systems are running as smoothly as possible for guaranteed home comfort. We recommend scheduling maintenance twice a year to all customers. Since we live in such a warm climate, we recommend servicing air conditioners a minimum of 2 times per year to keep them in good shape, due to our extensive use in Florida.

We put such an emphasis on maintenance because it provides a vital check on all moving parts of your air conditioner to ensure everything is working properly. Maintenance service helps to catch potential issues before they become a major, costly repair. It also gives your unit a much-needed boost in efficiency, which helps to extend the life of your system.

Van Making a Visit to Provide Brisk Air Conditioning’s Annual HVAC Maintenance Program

Here are Just a Few of the Benefits of Being a Member of Brisk Air Conditioning’s Maintenance Program:

  • Priority Service/ Scheduling
  • One Year Warranty on Workmanship
  • Discounted Pricing on Most Work and Equipment
  • Maintain Manufacturers Warranty on Equipment (when applicable)
  • 10% Discount on ALL Repairs 
  • $50 Off a New System For Every Consecutive Year You Maintain An Agreement
  • All of Your Family Members also Receive Priority Service!